It’s likely no one ever taught you to manage your emotions in a skillful way. Yet this is the single most important tool you can have to live a life that is full of connection and convergence. Once you understand how your emotions are subconsciously working all the time you can take charge by learning to see them as messengers. Every time you get an emotional trigger you can tell yourself: School is in Session. It’s time to learn something, to move forward, to grow and to evolve into an ever unfolding, purposeful life that is always right there, always available, always right in front of you. The door – the path – the portal – is ALWAYS OPEN. Your choice is whether you pay attention and take responsibility for your emotions or whether you discount, minimize or dismiss them as an ongoing upsetting part of life.

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IF you would like to see your life start to FLOW – Emotional Integration Training is for YOU.

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Experiencing Emotional Integration Training

Listen, whatever you’re doing for people, which ultimately gives people a subconscious push in turn to do it for themselves, is life changing. What you have taught me is not even remotely comparable to what I have learned through years of therapists, psychiatrists, one psych ward/almost two, and a dozen of class-ranging medications. It is something profound, more humane, and attainable for once. I am astounded by your process, methods, references, and your general approach with your clients. You really are a no-bullshitter, but in literally the most life-changing and still very understanding and approachable way possible. As people, we need that. You keep defining integrity in our chats, and a lot of us slack on holding ourselves accountable. We are creatures of resistance, and because you understand that, you are able to penetrate those restricting beliefs and mindsets in people, certainly in my own self as well.

From my experience, you are a much better teacher for people than some shit therapist who just stares at clients through glass eyes, fabricated empathy, and offers no real solutions.

R.H. – Dallas, TX

What’s it like?

1. Orientation – Overview – Autobiography – What Happened?

Goal of the Method – Universal Application – Least complicated solution is the best solution – Nothing to ‘believe’ in – everything can be practiced and experienced for yourself. The only requirement is to suspend disbelief. This is not therapy!

2. Mindfulness Meditation – Body Scan

Theory: body sensations are primary – they happen before the brain puts an emotional spin on them. The sensory input goes to the amygdala (fight or flight) and the hippocampus (memory) and quickly determines that you either have an aversion or craving for these sensations. Your brain then puts an emotional spin on the sensations and labels them: frustration irritation anger rage; fear anxiety; grief loss sadness disappointment. You may then develop a belief about these emotions: I’m not good enough, not worthy, feel toxic shame, fairness/justice.

3. Grounding Technique – Anchor – Metta – Loving-kindness

It’s important to have a grounded, safe, ‘happy place’ to return to as you do your emotional work. It’s critical to cultivate the emotions of feeling unconditionally loved, safe and accepted. This is everyone’s desire: to feel unconditionally loved, safe and accepted.

4. Swatting Flies 

Processing emotions as they arise – Notice the sensations, observe intensely (anything I observe intensely will dissolve), feel them in the body, get microscopic.  Give multiple examples of different emotions / situations / body sensations. 

5. Unwinding Emotions / Cognitive Emotional Understanding Report

What happened? What does this remind you of from your past experience?  Getting to the core emotion. What did you FEEL when you were a child 0-7 when the emotion got stuck inside you? 

6. Re-parenting your Inner Child

How to re-parent your emotional self from the perspective of a loving adult or an all-wise all-loving being.

7. More Unwinding Emotions

Addictions. How to ask good questions. Inviting emotions. 

8. Essence Project – Upsets / Trauma

Inter-generational trauma, trans-generational trauma, eipigenetics, family systems, social learning, beliefs, core emotional statement. 

9. Putting It All Together – Emotional Flow

Your Law of Attraction and how it works based on your emotions and not on your thinking. How to start to notice this in daily life. How your emotions (including frustration, irritation and anger – especially) can be your guide.

10. Recovery – Recovering your Self

Definition of Recovery. Life Purpose in Seven Steps. Why am I here? What touches moves and inspires me? What are my gifts? What is my calling? Tools for recovery. Connection / Community – no one does this alone. Mentor / peer support.

11. Conclusions / Integration / Re-story

 Moving forward. Origin Story – New Vision. Ongoing Tech Support / Certification

What’s the cost?

FIFTH DIRECTION has invested heavily into developing our Emotional Integration Training platform that will systematically teach you to manage your emotions in a skillful way.  This process consists of 11 weekly sessions with a Certified Emotional Integration Trainer. Each session will be recorded for you to reference in the future and will include a follow-up e-mail with the assignments for the next session.  Your trainer and associate trainer are also available to answer questions during the week via e-mail or text to give you the support you need to complete the program.  Much like have a personal trainer to help you meet your exercise and fitness goals, we are there for you to encourage you and to get you to engage at a level that most people simply can’t or won’t do on their own.  

Potential benefits of emotional integration training include: