Most frequent questions and answers

Unfortunately in our society money is the currency of ‘value’. If something doesn’t have a cost then it is not seen as worthwhile or important.  We think Emotional Integration is the most important skill you can acquire for success in your life, relationships, with work, family and friends.  It has immense value.  We created the video lessons specifically to enable people who might not be able to easily afford the individual training to be able to get the information and apply it on their own.  If I pay for something it makes me more likely to do it.  The larger the investment the more likely I am to do whatever.  Perhaps we should be charging the full cost! ;  )  We have even tried to do work with individuals on a free or sliding scale basis – that NEVER worked out.  The person didn’t value our time and didn’t do the homework.  This IS work! Otherwise we charge for our time – the information is free. The cost of the course covers our websites, production, video hosting platform and marketing/affiliate payments.

This varies by trainer.  Trainers are independent contractors and can set their rates as they desire.  An average would be $90/session for 11-Sessions.  If you want to do “one-offs” these are usually more as we want to give you an incentive to invest in your Self and quite frankly it is easier and cost less in time and payment fees for the trainer.  If you are completing the video course a 30-minute Emotional Integration Training Support Session is $55 for one-offs – you’ll be able to go over the content specifically as it relates to you and your experience. If you want to get support through the entire 11-Sessions you can get an 11-session block for $495.  We recommend that you invest in your self and your process by utilizing a trainer throughout as the relationship with the trainer will also add significant value.