Registration Information

Your investment in and commitment to your personal growth and development for the 11-Session Emotional Integration Training is $1540. Each weekly session will be held at a mutually agreeable time by secure Zoom Video-Conferencing. The session will be recorded for your personal use in the future. After completing the initial training you may want to pursue becoming a Certified Emotional Integration Trainer – this consists of enrolling someone in the training which will afford you the opportunity to complete the required practicum and supervision. After each session you will have a 30-minute follow-up supervision session with the trainer to discuss the process and answer any questions. These will also be recorded for your future use. The 11-Session series for certification is $770.  Certification will qualify you to be an Associate Trainer and tech support resource for ongoing support of clients as they continue to engage in and practice the method. We bill using PayPal which affords people who qualify a six month interest free payment plan.

Please do not let financial considerations keep you from experiencing the benefits of Emotional Integration Training. A limited number of partial scholarships are available for persons who demonstrate need or do not have the ability to pay the full amount. We also bill using PayPal so PayPal credit is available with Six-Months Interest-free financing. Contact if you would like to be considered for a scholarship. FIFTH DIRECTION is registered with the IRS as a Non-Profit Tax-Exempt 501(c)(3).

Emotional Integration Training1540.00 USD11-Session Emotional Integration Training
Emotional Integration Certification770.00 USD11-Session Supervision / Certification
Emotional Integration Coaching155.00 USDIndividual Follow-up Coaching Session
We will contact you via email after your payment processes to schedule your first session!

Informed Consent / Terms & Conditions

All information provided is for informational purposes only. Nothing is intended to diagnose or substitute for medical treatment or other mental health care.

AVAILABLE SERVICES: FIFTH DIRECTION provides Emotional Integration Training and Certification to clients and trainers that include a series of psycho-educational sessions, mentoring, training and supervision. 

APPROACH: We define addiction as anything you use to avoid feeling your emotions. Our theoretical orientation toward Emotional Integration Training is Integrative & Trauma-informed. We utilize a Collaborative Conversational Model grounded in intentional authentic presence. We do not do therapy – we will teach you to do therapy on yourself. Using our tools you will be able to take your story and unwind it to find the meaning and message that is there for you. We are not going to pathologize or diagnose you. We will treat you like a competent human being who has the ability to muster all the resources required to live a life of recovery which is defined by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration as: A process of change where individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. Our focus is teaching you the emotional integration skills necessary for real recovery and is designed to help you put your past in your past so you can drop the baggage and walk into your future filled with the possibilities you choose for your Self.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RISK: Emotional Integration Training is beneficial, the education you will receive would be of use to anyone. However, you should be aware that as with any self-work, there is inherent risks. You will be delving into your past experience and this may involve discussion about personal issues and may bring to the surface uncomfortable emotions for you. However, the benefits of engaging in this work can far outweigh the risks. Some of the benefits include improved personal and family relationships, reduced feelings of emotional distress, improved personal performance, and specific problem solving. Of course we cannot guarantee these benefits. It is our desire to teach you to manage your emotions in a skillful way and it is our hope that you will then go on to teach this to all the people in your life. Our commitment to you is to provide value to you in every interaction – something worthwhile and directly applicable to you. If at any time you feel that you are not getting this value, please let us know. The process is all about you.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF THE NATURE OF THE CLIENT/TRAINER RELATIONSHIP: This is a professional relationship existing to support you in becoming who you want to be. We offer varying levels of service and different program levels designed to fit your needs.

TRAINING SESSIONS / PAYMENT / CANCELLATIONS: Training sessions are paid in advance. To successfully complete the training you must complete all 11 sessions. We schedule sessions at non-traditional times which are convenient to most clients. No refunds are given for cancelled/missed appointments. We will work with you to reschedule but you MUST notify us at least 48 hours in advance to avoid forfeiting your payment. An electronic invoice will be sent to you for Payment of Fees to be made BEFORE your training begins. 

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF LIMITS OF CONFIDENTIALITY: FIFTH DIRECTION does not maintain ANY written record of communication. This increases your level of confidentiality and reduces our cost allowing us to focus on working with you to deliver the training that you can then apply for yourself. If we see you in public, we will protect your confidentiality by not approaching you first, nor will we discuss your sessions with you in public. We will keep confidential all conversations with the following exceptions:

     a) you authorize us to disclose information to a particular party;

     b) we determine that you are a threat to yourself or to others;

     c) you disclose that harm has been done to a child or elder abuse/neglect;

     d) you tell us details of a crime you plan to commit or have committed that is unaccounted for;

     e) the court has ordered information to be disclosed;

     f) you file a malpractice suit against us.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF YOUR RIGHTS AS A CLIENT: You have the right to refuse or modify any training technique or direction that you feel may not best serve your needs. You have the right to discuss positive and negative effects of working with us. You have the right to be treated in a professional and ethical manner. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please discuss your concerns with your trainer.  

My payment confirms that I have read and understand this agreement and that I am willing to undergo Emotional Integration Training, Supervision, Mentoring and/or Certification with FIFTH DIRECTION.